Need a Challenge? How about The Goldfields Pipeline Marathon on 24th July 2016 Click on our Pipeline Marathon page for more details.

About Us:

Kalgoorlie Runners was established in 2011 by a local group of keen runners with the aim of providing a fun, friendly, social environment through which runners of all abilities can participate. The group promotes the benefits of running with others who share a common interest. There is no formal membership or fees.


We run on Sunday mornings in the winter (Apr-Sept) and offer the choice of a 5km or 10km run. There is also a training session at Karlkurla Park on Tuesday evenings at 5:30pm. The first run this year will be on April 26 2015, so just check out the Calendar and come on down.


Feel like having a chat after the run? There's always a few of us keen to gather at The Coffee Club to rehydrate :-)